iGeak just like iWatch


Imitation or innovation, just after a buzzy week with iWatch $10k, Beijing subway commuters start already notice posters of a wearable  that also bring the mobile to your wrist: iGeak.

According to GEAK founder Gu Xiaobin, 100,000 GEAK Watches have been sold from July to mid-October, this was back to Oct 2013. That’s only about 30,000 a month, so this piece of wearable tech seems to be struggling to sell, but with the buzz around iWatch, all possible odds may happen; either bring light bring attention to the $325 – $487 wearable, or simply shadow it.

GEAK is a startup subsidiary of Shanda, a Chinese web giant that’s best known among consumers for its Bambook e-reader and e-bookstore.

Just like Xiaomi, iGeak vision is to become China’s largest smart-watch in 2015.


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