Denza: China’s BYD new electric car with Daimler


The first EV from Daimler and BYD’s joint venture, Denza, soon will see the road, with up to 300 km Mileage, whether in the city or elsewhere. In terms of battery charging, DENZA potential to provide the greatest flexibility. Whether it is a household power outlet, public charging infrastructure or can be installed in the customer’s home or office space Wall charging cabinet, can meet the charging requirements of the vehicle, and can be recharged in one to seven hours.

Meanwhile, according to Tesla China, the Superchargers, and charging stations going in at the wireless provider’s retail locations will only be available for vehicles for the Model S, the older Roadster and the upcoming Model X. Vehicles coming to China, like the BMW i3 and i8, a hybrid sports car that also plugs in, and Denza will not be able to utilize the Tesla specific charging locations, calling for more charging locations to be installed by other automobile manufacturers, to meet the potential demand anticipated.

The Shenzhen-based company, which is most famous for having attracted a large investment from Warren Buffett, has previously shunned joint ventures with multinational car companies in its transformation from a phone battery manufacturer to automaker.

BYD, however, remains convinced that electric vehicle sales will continue their exponential rise until China is the biggest market in the world for alternative energy vehicles.


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