£1m grant handed to The internet of Things #ioT


£1m grant handed to IoT (Internet of Things) competition winners

A grant of £1m has been given to seven startup companies that won a competition to create innovative internet of things (IoT) projects.

IoT is predicted to become a $500bn global technology market by 2019, while the industry is estimated to be made up of 26 billion devices by 2020.

The competition – run in conjunction with Innovate UK, Tech City UK and Cambridge Wireless – was launched by prime minister David Cameron at the CeBIT conference earlier in 2014 and will provide seven companies with a share of £1m to develop their projects.

  • Digital Shadows LimitedA project to identify, enumerate and attempt to mitigate some of the IoT-related security risks facing businesses, cities and individuals.
  • Product Health Limited – A new service for connected batteries, representing a change in the way batteries are managed in the off-grid energy sector.
  • ThinkInnovate Ltd – An IoT defence scanner, consisting of a portable scanning device, a mobile app and a web app – designed to increase confidence in IoT.
  • Arjun Technology Ventures Ltd (KisanHub working with NWave) – Wireless remote collection of data from multiple in-field sensors to make digitised farming enterprises a commercial reality.
  • 1248 Ltd – A project to encourage and improve cycle journeys in London and Cambridge by discovering, processing and providing relevant sensor data.
  • OpenTRV Limited – A venture to work out the optimum combination of sensors to use inside buildings and outdoors to detect environmental information, such as the presence of people and the weather.
  • Superflux LtdA compact air quality monitoring and GPS-tracking sensor that can be easily fitted to child’s pushchair.


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